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"Be = Act = Fulfillment! Who would have guessed that equation means a much higher income!"
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Individual Leadership Coaching

What are your Core Values?
What is your true Life Purpose?
What does your Future Self want for you right now?

At MotionMind we believe, whether you are seeking a sense of leadership in the Boardroom, in your community, your family or within your self, coaching supports you in finding and acting on Toronto leadership coachingyour inner wisdom. Play with different perspectives, accept with humour and insight your strengths and weaknesses. This is all part of the Coaching relationship.

We listen, question, challenge and observe habits that might hold you back. Together, we brainstorm new solutions, new strategies and ideas that support you in finding your own answers.

As Leaders, you have a passion. We help you clarify what that is, and then take 'un poco' (little by little) steps towards life fulfillment and authenticity. Making small changes can result in almost miraculous differences in some or all areas of your life. We support you to live your own truth.

Our work with individual leaders is rigorous and fun, idealistic and pragmatic, passionate and professional. It focuses on the BEING of an authentic leader as well as the Doing.

"I have never had so much fun and worked (played) so hard."

"Our Coaching alliance has been one of the most powerful and beneficial relationships of my life. I ended up with a job I loved, the relationship I am meant to be in...and now...a baby."

"Coaching is the best gift I have ever given myself. The benefits to ME positively impacted my family, my career and my community."