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"Our Team took this workshop two years ago and it had such a positive impact on how easily we worked together and what we achieved, we came back for more fun and insight."
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This workshop introduces teams to the Enneagram Personality Profile, and the interpersonal strengths and challenges of the individual within the workplace. Knowing individual Styles results in an easy understanding of some of our behaviours which might totally mystify others.

Through lighthearted, interactive coaching activities and the use of the Enneagram Personality Profile, this Workshop focusses on self/other awareness and engaging communication. Teams will learn how to recover quickly when mistakes or misunderstandings happen. Participants will leave with renewed enthusiasm for honest communication in both their personal and professional lives. A handout is given at the Workshop which reflects the Nine personality types.

From the opening 'Team Tangle' to the closing 'Party' this workshop is filled with laughter and 'aha' experiences for participants.

"Excellent workshop! All teams should go through this workshop to work more effectively together."

"I'm better able to deal with my team and patients, and have improved communication skills."

"Excellent! Fun, entertaining, interesting, interactive and thought provoking."