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The name of Dianne's company, MotionMind comes from a poem she wrote in 1990. The line where 'MotionMind' appeared bridged a thought/action and was expressed as "explode in MotionMind". Dianne's has often been in motion before the mind joined the body for the ride. Getting the two in sync has been a definite asset in life.

MotionMind allows us to connect: with self, our body, our heart and head, our creativity and pain, with others, with our emotions, dreams, knowledge, values and passion, with social justice issues we believe in, with the Awe of Nature.

Mind in Motion supports us to learn: new ideas and skills, how to assimilate different perspectives, new cultures and ways of Being with self and with others.

Mind in the Motion of Stillness, Meditation, Visualization creates: new direction, healing, seeing, hearing and trusting our intuition and spiritual knowing. It connects us to the 'deeper magic' of the Universe, and the ability to make changes.

MotionMind necessarily needs to collaborate with Voice...


In Stephen Covey's new book 'The 8th Habit' he indicates that Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Others to Find Theirs is a pathway forward. He states "Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation - what we would call voice - requires a new mind-set, a new skill-set, a new tool-set...a new habit."

At MotionMind we refer to listening to all the voices in a Relationship (even the silent ones) as Deep Democracy. Within the pure voice is the wisdom of conscience, the courage to honestly express your deeper needs, passions, and understandings, the ability to confront appropriately.

At MotionMind we teach, coach and celebrate with our clients as they clarify and express their intelligence, goals, passions, feelings. Expressing oneself often takes courage. Courageous Voices come forth from great leaders...and great supporters.

Some of the strongest voices are often silent. We hear in a different way as we observe and are moved by art, music, drama, dance.

Hearing and acknowledging the Voice of the System frees up couples, small groups and teams to focus and Leap into new and rewarding places.


Trust is the base, the cornerstone of all good relationships. Over the past six years we have coached teams, individuals, from CEO's to homemakers, local and international clients, life partners, business partners, and families. We have worked with non-profit organizations and for profit companies. We've observed what happens during the Coaching process.

Trust is an earned commodity. It arrives gently with a sublime power to create positive change. We hold sacred the trust our clients place in us to walk beside them for awhile, as they experience different ways of Being, and navigate new directions.

We trust the process of Coaching. Sometimes, we, like our clients, feel adrift, with no direction, but small miracles happen, moving clients in directions we could never have seen - the place they are supposed to BE. We trust in pragmatic miracles.